• Twisted Pair

    Model:  Sophie Nova This image was taken under the canopy in the Northern California mountains.  The lighting and capture made for this painterly image that came out, stunning.

  • serindipity

    Model: Sophie Nova Part of a series published for Uncropped Magazine, this sequence involved a through the lens method which enable these digital captures.

  • red and gold

    Model:  Sophie Nova Wardrobe:  Westward Bound MUA: Lisa Berczel This series was a bit of a unexpected success.  The model, had shot in the makeup for a ad previously, and we quickly donned the latex and did a quick shoot.  The series was a success ended up being used in European Body Art’s advertising campaign.

  • Chef Rubber Ads

    Model:  Sophie Nova MUA:  Lisa Berczel Published in So Good, as part of an international advertising campaign for Chef Rubber, both imgages were created using 100% edible products.